How to organize a NIO Cocktail Party in your garden: 6 simple tips

How to organize a NIO Cocktail Party in your garden: 6 simple tips

The temperatures are gradually increasing, the sky is so blue and dazzles the view, the heavy gray of a difficult winter seems now a distant memory. Trees are now in bloom and the scents pinches and caresses the smell; everybody feels the desire for a small cocktail party in the garden, terrace or wherever you prefer. 

An intimate  cocktail party is already the best even in two:  it is the turning point for the desire to feel good and celebrate with the right drink (the high quality one), obviously accompanied by a menu that satisfies all palates.

From a small meat or fish barbecue to a happy hour full of appetizers through sushi, planning a perfect soirée outdoors may not seem easy. We have 6 tips to organize your perfect garden party  with your friends.

1. Ice on first

The first thing to do is make sure to have the right amount of ice to put into the NIO Cocktails that will be tasted during the party. Remember NIO is Needs Ice Only, so make sure you have plenty on hand!

 I cocktail per un party in giardino

2. A theme for your table

We set up a well-kept and welcoming setting, which makes our guests dream. The choice of a theme is crucial to create a beautiful table. The perfect setup: it brings back the good mood, makes us fantasize about the future and allows us to dare with colors, decorations and flavors. We can abound with warm tones, create air ticket style placecards and light up the garden with the classic Moroccan-inspired metal lanterns or paper lanterns in Oriental style. The result? We get that extra touch of romance that’s always good.


3. The flower centrepieces

What better way to greet spring than with fragrant and colorful flower centrepieces? We can use the flowers that bloom in our garden, cut them off just before the party and abound with small jars to distribute well along the table.  

I cocktail per un party in giardino

4. A simple menu

Working for hours and hours in the kitchen it’s not necessary if you want entertain your guests, especially if we focus on the abundant aperitif instead of a full dinner. There are many intriguing options to enhance with the right combination of cocktails. Here are some ideas:
  • Italian Menu: a platter of cheese and cold cuts is always chic but simple and always really appreciated: you can quickly prepare it in advance and it’s easy to match with drinks?
  • Barbecue vibes: Quick cuts of meat to cook are the solution. From the beloved thick steaks for the most greedy to the chicken breasts for those on a diet, it’s important to prepare a good marinade and respect cooking times.
  • Fish and shellfish are a more elegant option to enjoy; you can lightly sear them on the charcoal or offer as a delicious and refined tartare. A drizzle of oil and a sprinkling of lemon as a basic dressing, and you can add your favourite spices and sauces to finish.
  • The ultimate in chic comfort? A good sushi offered perfectly fresh, ordered from your favourite Japanese restaurant or homemade with super fresh fish.
  • Vegetarian Menu the classic pinzimonio vegetables accompanied by cubes of savoury cake (ricotta cheese and spinach, to mention the most popular), an omelette with herbs and ricotta cheese in finger food style, a rich rice salad or a cold pasta with products from the garden, obviously fresh in season, will conquer even the most demanding palates.
  • Vegan Menu: a warm rosemary focaccia, a head of seasonal vegetables, a grilled avocado stuffed with cherry tomatoes and a homemade hummus will make the difference and will please everyone.


5.The solution for any weather change

No matter what the weather says and how the sky looks during the day, for a cocktail party in the garden or terrace without surprises we must always prepare some rain alternatives. Singapore showers are well known, so why be caught unprepared? We plan every eventuality by opening some umbrellas and preparing a covered seating area.

 I cocktail per un party in giardino

6. The perfect cocktails for a party in the garden

Which drinks to offer for a perfect spring party in the garden? These are our cocktails that go with every detail of our special evening:

Gin Proved

Gin Proved by NIO Cocktails blends perfectly with the romantic setting created outdoors, between flowers and lanterns, thanks to its unmistakable lavender color and its delicate scent.

Garden of Russia

Garden of Russia by NIO Cocktails, with its precious botanical notes of elderberry and honey, will wonderfully complete the floral theme of the centerpieces.

Tommy's Margarita and Manhattan 

Tommy’s Margarita and Manhattan by NIO Cocktails are ideal for a meat barbeque because they enhance the flavor - even in the case of spicy cuts and strong flavours. Tommy’s Margarita provides the fresh note, while Manhattan envelops the palate with its intensity.


Daiquiri by NIO Cocktails is perfect with fish and shellfish, whether grilled or part of a cruditè dish. Postcards From Japan is the ideal NIO Cocktails box to accompany sushi: it contains four cocktails - made with vodka, rum, gin and whiskey of the Japanese tradition - and is a creation of high mixology that smells of distant lands.


Gimlet by NIO Cocktails enhances the vegetable dishes thanks to its fresh touch, slightly spicy, definitely regenerating, but delicate enough not to cover the delicate flavors of vegetables. 

Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour by Nio Cocktails will be the warm cuddle that guests will adore in case of rain, to be enjoyed comfortably away from the weather.


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