Adriatico Amaretto Cocktail Box

Key Ingredients:

Amaretto Bianco Cappucino | Amaretto Roasted Sour | Amaretto Godfather | Amaretto Bianco Sour | Allergen: Contains Almonds
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A new generation amaretto liqueur, like no other, the ADRIATICO Amaretto cocktail collection features Filippo cea almonds. Considered amongst the best in the world, are hand-picked and gently roasted to perfection with a hint of sea salt, cocoa and cinnamon.

Transport yourself to the Puglian coast with four cocktails, each carefully crafted by our Master Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi to evoke the Adriatic Coast.

With rich flavours ranging from full-bodied and spicy to delicate vanilla and aromatic citrus notes, this collection is perfect for anyone looking for a nightcap or settling in after a long, delicious meal.

  • Amaretto Bianco Cappuccino Cocktail: An almond twist on the Espresso Martini Amaretto ADRIATICO Bianco Liqueur | Ketel One Vodka | Fair Coffee Liqueur | Bols White Cacao Liqueur | 100ml | 20.6% ABV | Contains Almond
  • Amaretto Roasted Sour Cocktail: Caramalised almonds meet zesty citrus notes Amaretto ADRIATICO Roasted Almonds Liqueur | Organic Citric Acid | Toschi Liquid Sugar | 100ml | 16.8% ABV   | Contains Almond
  • Amaretto Godfather Cocktail: Whiskey meets roasted almonds to create a warming spiced cocktail Amaretto ADRIATICO Roasted Almonds Liqueur | Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey | 100ml | 30.3% ABV   | Contains Almond
  • Amaretto Bianco Sour Cocktail: Vanilla and almond with gentle aromas of lemon zest Amaretto ADRIATICO Bianco Liqueur | Organic Citric Acid | Toschi Liquid Sugar | 100ml | 9.6% ABV | Contains Almond


These cocktails contain almonds.

Hand-mixed in Italy with the best spirits from all over the world

Amaretto Bianco Cappuccino Cocktail: In a bid to create a refreshing twist on the cult cocktail Espresso Martini, ADRIATICO Amaretto Bianco adds a light creamy and fresh dimension to the coffee based classic - without any diary. The deep, complex coffee notes in Fair Coffee Liqueur bring a rich dimension to the silky vanilla notes in ADRIATICO Amaretto Bianco in this sublime cocktail. 

Amaretto Roasted Sour Cocktail: Caramelised marzipan notes, zesty citrus flavours, and a touch of sea salt are all perfectly balanced in this bright and refreshing amaretto sour. Roasted almonds in ADRIATICO Amaretto bring a welcome depth of flavour and richness to the classic sour, creating a drink that is gently warming and refreshing.

Amaretto Godfather Cocktail: Rich, lightly spiced and thoroughly warming, the Amaretto Godfather was made to accompany Autumn sunsets after a day out exploring. Piquant allspice and a hint of charred wood from Bulleit Bourbon combine beautifully with the tender marzipan notes and touch of salt in ADRIATICO Amaretto Roasted Almonds Liqueur.

Amaretto Bianco Sour Cocktail: Silky smooth and full of delicate, subtle flavours, the Amaretto Bianco Sour is supremely easy sipping. The fresh vanilla flavours and gentle aromas of lemon zest make this light cocktail a sublime accompaniment to long lunches, with an expert balance between acidity and gentle sweetness.