Changing Habits-習慣を変える-


私たちの地球環境にコミットするための3つの柱は: 製品、環境、教育です。






Since our origins, we have been engaged in projects to compensate and mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions produced with our activities, to contribute to the global fight against Climate Change. With this in mind, we have started a collaboration with UP2YOU to give life to a NIO Cocktails’ forest and thus compensate for the environmental impact of our production cycle.

Today we are Carbon Neutral, but our ultimate goal is to achieve Net Zero by 2030, also through the implementation of green logistics that favours solutions with minimum movement of goods and the activation of renewable energy systems for a better efficiency and self-sufficiency.

We are working to reach zero waste in the production chain by 2025, optimising water usage, closely managing our factory operations, and maintaining an open dialogue with our suppliers. We are working on green logistics management, by reducing the handling of goods thanks to implementing an in-house management, the digitalisation and efficiency of the warehouse, and the implementation of renewable energy in our factories.

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Our aim is to contribute to achieving the goals (SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations Agenda by 2030.


At NIO Cocktails, we talk about enjoying casual at-home moments with a cocktail. But only in a culture of alcohol moderation and responsibility, and strictly to consumers over drinking age. We are actively anti-binge drinking, and perform stringent checks to ensure nothing in our messaging encourages excessive drinking - even subconsciously. While we want people to enjoy the high-quality raw materials, we make it clear that they should be sipped and appreciated carefully. We’ll continue to support responsible drinking and education around alcohol consumption, and provide the tools and information for approaching alcohol in a sensible way.

Our concept of responsibility is not only just about drinking, but about the way of living the planet: we aim to educate both the responsible drinker and the responsible change maker for more sustainable living.

We believe that education is the best driver to make the change happen: that is why we are engaged in a Communication Campaign aimed at employees, suppliers, and consumers.

NIO Cocktails’ Decalogue
Our journey towards change (2022-2025)

1 | Packaging Activation of R&D projects and collaboration with organisations / institutions on innovation materials and product LCA.

2 | Waste Analysis of the waste management cycle in collaboration with Entities and Consortia for areas of improvement.

3 | Carbon Neutrality Development of compensation and mitigation projects.

4 | Logistics Efficiency enhancement of the logistics component through internalisation and digitalisation.

5 | Green Governance Establishment of an internal table on environmental issues and their possible solutions.

6 | Code of Ethics Establishment and sharing of a Corporate Code of Ethics.

7 | Employees Engagement Development of a program to share with our employees and its families on what sustainability means to NIO Cocktails.

8 | Suppliers Definition and sharing of guidelines about NIO Cocktails’ sustainable vision.

9 | Edutainment Dissemination of Communication Campaigns to educate on positive drinking.

10 | Energy Audit Identification of areas of weakness and activation of energy efficiency improvements.