At Father’s Day give an unexpected gift: NIO Cocktails to show how important your dad is for you.

At Father’s Day give an unexpected gift: NIO Cocktails to show how important your dad is for you.

Don’t forget about Father’s Day, because it’s the perfect opportunity to show your love to your dad. A gift, specially chosen for him it’s a good way to show him how important he’s for you

Every year it’s more difficult to find an original gift; according to this we suggest you something unexpected and surprising.

NIO Cocktails offers you some ideas to surprise him and to show him how much do you love your dad, as a father and as a man, who deserve to relax and enjoy his own passions.

And this is also the perfect gift to share, to spend some time together to share some moments with you.

These are our suggestions about the best special Box to give as a gift:


GQ Box, when lifestyle meets mixology

NIO Cocktails created with GQ the perfect gift for dad always attentive to style and refinement. A gift that will be very appreciated by your dad, if he is a man who wants to fully live his time, carving out of the moments of pure relaxation in the frenzy of everyday, enjoying a great cocktail: a moment of real pleasure after a busy day.

The perfect gift for a man who loves to live the city, with dynamism and strength.GQ Box has been created to celebrate the 4 World capital of mixology: Milan, London, New York and Tokyo. 4 cities with different personalities associated to 4 new signature cocktail inediti and 4 original tumbler originali, all different, which represent the skyline of these beautiful cities.

A special tasting episode and a real aesthetic diary for a luxury box that becomes a truly precious gift.

GQ Box is composed by:

  • 4 signature cocktail by Patrick Pistolesi
  • 4 personalized laser tumbler glasses by NIO x GQ
  • 1 round ice mold
  • 4 precious Fedrigoni paper prints




Experience Box: for a complete mixologist experience

The now iconic Experience is always the perfect gift because in only one box we find all the ingredients to live the complete cocktail revolution at home. A gift that will conquer both a dad who moves his first steps in the world of mixology, or even a dad experienced and passionate about high quality cocktails. The Experience Box is ideal for sharing moments of relaxa as it contains two elegant tumblers signed by NIO Cocktail. In addition to this, the box contains

a 5 cocktail Box, where you can insert the best cocktails according to your dad’s favorite tastes. The last surprise in the box is the ice mold, an essential touch to get the perfect cocktail.

With the Experience Box you will have:

  • A customized 5 cocktails Box
  • 2 Tumbler by NIO Cocktails
  • 1 XXL cubes ice mold




Experience Backpack: the high mixology wherever you want

Experience Backpack is a real take-away bar, it contains everything you need to take the high mixology wherever you want to enjoy perfectly mixed cocktails at the perfect temperature also if you are not at home.

The Kit looks like a thermal backpack, casual and contemporary, to take with you for an outdoor trip, a boat trip, or an aperitif outside. A gift to dedicate to someone with whom you want to spend precious and quality time.

The thermal backpack is in technical fabric but refined, maintaining both functionality and style. The design is inspired by the iconic packaging of NIO Cocktails and is large enough to contain even your objects and everything needed for an outdoor trip.

In the backpack you will find:

  • a very practical clutch , perfect to contain 5 NIO Cocktails, the ice mold and 4 glasses.
  • Theround ice mold , in food grade silicone. Thanks to the size of the ice you can get a quick cooling of the cocktail and maintain the right temperature for a long time without diluting the drink.
  • A mini clutch, tailor-made for the ice mold, an indispensable piece for ice to resist even high temperatures, to serve your cocktails like a real mixologist.
  • 4 polycarbonate tumbler light and easily transportable and of course signed with the elegant logo of NIO Cocktails.




    Assorted Box to give a tasting of the best NIO Cocktails

    If your goal is to give a tasting of the most classic cocktails, the best of the core collection of NIO Cocktails, the ideal solution is the Assorted 10 cocktails Box. A range of cocktails, from the most classic, such as Negroni and Cosmopolitan, to the most exclusive such as Gin Proved. Obviously, like all NIO Cocktails, they are signed by our master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi and will arrive at your home already perfectly mixed and ready to share.

    The Assorted 9 Cocktails Box is the perfect gift also if you don’t know well which flavours your dad would like and if you want him to taste different flavours.

    This special Box contains:

    1. Negroni
    2. Cosmopolitan
    3. Manhattan
    4. Milano Torino
    5. Gin Proved
    6. Vodka Sour
    7. Gin Sour
    8. Whiskey Sour
    9. Tommy's Margarita




      Postcards from Japan: a tasting trip to the East, with an exceptional guide

      With this special box, Patrick Pistolesi offers himself as a guide in a journey of exploration in the most traditional corners of Japan, making us immerse ourselves in a millennial culture, between the flavor of distant lands and the most sophisticated mixology.

      Postcards from Japan contains 4 signature cocktails that are real postcards from Japan, to live comfortably at home, an unforgettable journey. The gift for a curious dad, who loves to travel, explore and learn.

      The 4 cocktail of the box are:

      • Hokkaido Glory: Japanese vodka Eiko is the key spirit, a recipe similar to Bloody Mary, with a secret ingredient, a Japanese tomato liqueur that gives this cocktail a disruptive personality.
      • Hokkaido Pleasure: the Japanese version of Gin Sour with Etsu Gin, produced with a secret traditional recipe. Everything is reinvented around a rare green apple liqueur that gives a fragrant tasting experience, which invests all the senses.
      • Okinawa Pure Beauty: a Daiquiri in oriental guise, connoted by the yuzu liqueur. The key spirit is the White Kiyomi Rum, made with sugar cane juice.
      • Kuryoshi Heritage: a Whiskey Sour is revisited and the class of the Rising Sun is seen in the Whiskey Tottori, a Blended soft and balanced Whiskey.




      The Box created with Martini to celebrate “The Great Classics”

      The last gift we suggest is a very exclusive Box created with Martini, undisputed leader e and symbol of Italian aperitif since 1863. The box celebrates tradition by researching 4 classic mixology recipes, but reinventing them in the perspective of innovation. A truly unmissable Box suitable for a dad who loves classic flavors, but does not disdain to try something new, a dynamic man, who never stops.

      All 4 cocktails are mixed by Casa Martini mixologist with the great products belonging to the "Martini Riserva Speciale" collection, 3 classic and prestigious Vermouth.

      • Martini Negroni Riserva: Negroni is one of the fundamental cocktails of the Italian aperitif and is revisited here, embellishing it with the Martini Vermouth Riserva Rubino.
      • True Scotch Rob Roy: A Manhattan made with scotch whiskey instead of bourbon, a rare gem of goodness, elegant and sophisticated.
      • Torino-Torino: A reinterpretation of the classic Milano-Torino, with only products from Piedmont, a guarantee of pleasure and tasting curiosity.
      • Ambrato Cocktail: Martini Vermouth Riserva Ambrato has in the formulation a part of Moscato Bianco D'Asti, which gives this classic, soft and floral notes.




      The choice now is up to you, what is the gift that suits your dad best?