“Apericena”: ideas to impress with cocktails and appetizers perfect for everybody

“Apericena”: ideas to impress with cocktails and appetizers perfect for everybody

The summer season means one thing in particular: the desire for aperitifs with friends, family, colleagues, neighbors. We organize after work, but at dinner time no one wants to say goodbye, go home and cook dinner. Why not ride the trend of the moment, aka “apericena”? There are many ideas for a perfect “apericena” : let’s find out how to organize it and what to prepare to make everyone happy, with fresh cocktails and exclusive recipes.

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How to organize your “apericena”

No limit to imagination: on the terrace, on the poolside, on the balcony set a lively table with summer colors, prepares a sort of buffet convenient to reach on a coffee table or trolley to keep always nearby and abounds with the ice to keep ready for your NIO Cocktails.

“Apericena” at home: the right ideas between cocktails and appetizers

For a perfect “apericena” the easy recipes, fast and practical, always win to please all palates and to satisfy. Forbidden dishes too elaborate, that weigh down and "heat up".

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What to prepare for an “apericena”

Prepare some simple appetizers such as pretzels, cheese, pizza with sausages accompanied by small delicacies such as pickles, (pickles and onions cannot miss) olives, peanuts and roasted cashews. You can also try your hand at crudité or finger food.

The ideas for a summer “apericena” at home, well satiating, can provide many options and areas of taste.

The great classic of Italian aperitif:

  • a rich platter of quality cold cuts and cheeses,
  • a few slices of pizza,
  • a savory cake to be enjoyed at room temperature,
  • a dish with ham and melon.

One or more easy-to-taste starters that cater to vegetarian and vegan friends:

  • a salad of cold pasta with vegetables,
  • a rice salad rich in ingredients,

The elegant twist that only fish can reserve:

  • fresh fish carpaccio of any kind,
  • a fish soup to taste cold or room temperature,
  • some raw or cooked shrimp,

The perfect closure:

  • something sweet for the most greedy,
  • fresh fruit sorbets,
  • colorful fruit salads to finish with a ball of ice cream,
  • homemade tiramisù.
If it is an “apericena” for a birthday at home can obviously not miss a birthday cake!
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Cocktail for “apericena”

The perfect cocktails for “apericena2 provide a mix of great classics and innovative recipes:

1. Negroni

The Italian aperitif par excellence and the most loved in the world: Negroni remains the king of aperitifs, even as rich as aperitifs. The Negroni by NIO Cocktails comes from a sweet and dry balance of bitter, with Cocchi Vermouth and Tanqueray Gin

Discover Negroni by NIO Cocktails

2. Daiquiri

Easy to combine with fresh fish dishes, soups (even cold) and shellfish, is the refreshing cocktail that satisfies even the most demanding palates. The Daiquiri NIO Cocktails is created with a combination of Pampero Rum Blanco and refreshing and invigorating citrus fruits.

Discover Daiquiri by NIO Cocktails

3. Gin Proved

Fragrant, with a delicate violet color, it is fresh and floral. With almonds, rose petals, violet liqueur, Curaçao orange and Tanqueray Gin, it goes well with any dish of your “apericena”.

Discover Gin Proved by NIO Cocktails

4. Gimlet

You can’t miss a mix of Tanqueray gin and lime like our Gimlet: fresh, aromatic and savory, it goes well with all the recipes for a summer “apericena” - from salty to sweet. A great classic also ideal for the most intense heat.

Discover Gimlet by NIO Cocktails

5. Garden of Russia

Another floral cocktail, very fragrant and suitable to match the taste of any appetizer, is an unusual, fragrant and super fresh version of the Vodka Sour thanks to the touch of elderberry flowers.

Discover Garden of Russia

6. Espresso Martini

It is the energizing and thirst-quenching companion of all your spring and summer aperitifs, it goes perfectly with desserts - like a nice fresh tiramisu - and is the ensemble of Family Made Vodka Ketel One and Fair coffee liqueur.

Coming soon on NIO Cocktails

7. Mai Tai

A tiki cocktail is what you need for an “apericena” with an exotic touch, to dream of distant beaches. To taste both meat and fish, ideal with sour and spicy flavors, is a perfect mix of Ron Colòn Salvadoreño , Cointreau, barley syrup and organic citric acid.

Coming soon on NIO Cocktails

8. Margarita

The freshness made as a cocktail, a timeless classic that can never miss whose flavor you agree with any fish dish (and not only). Patrick Pistolesi’s NIO Cocktails recipe includes Tequila Blanco Exotico, Cointreau, Monin barley syrup and lime citric acid.

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