NIO Cocktails collaborates with GQ for a premium cocktail delivery

NIO Cocktails and GQ celebrate mixology through the style of 4 exclusive cocktails.

Inebriate hedonism in an experiential journey into style through a unique luxury box, and give your home cocktail bar a touch of priceless elegance.

NIO Cocktails he didn't just create 4 signature cocktails for GQ, but a real aesthetic Diary of a sensory journey through 4 capitals of taste with different and distinctive styles.

The luxury box dedicated to GQ contains 4 exclusive cocktails, designed and perfectly mixed by Patrick Pistolesi, 4 original glasses and different from each other to enhance the taste of each cocktail, 1 ice mold, and 4 premium prints to decorate your own home.

NIO Cocktails has created the perfect gift for GQ Men and women, always attentive to style, refined and with a strong charisma. A gift that will certainly not disappoint those who love to live the city, but knows how to appreciate even more a moment of relaxation when he returns home and can finally treat himself to a cocktail, a moment of real pleasure after an intense day.

This box is designed for those who follow a certain style not only in fashion and lifestyle, but also at the time of the aperitif; who is not content with the usual cocktail of the bar, but looking for unique, exclusive recipes, to be able to share with those who can appreciate the true and authentic quality of NIO Cocktails.


4 cities for 4 cocktails.

NIO Cocktails, to create the special cocktails contained within the box, was inspired by 4 cities that could represent 4 different styles, capable of intoxicating the senses and the imagination of those who choose to embark on this journey, in a refined and unique way:

Milan: the Italian city of business and fashion par excellence; icon of quality of life and lifestyle in the sign of modernity. The city of fashion and hectic life. One of the first Italian cities to discover the potential of mixology and the art of drinking well. Not only good food and good wine, but also excellent cocktails, to taste, appreciate, share.

London: the most multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan city in Europe, a dream for many, a reality for a few. Icon city of the "perfectly tailored" in the broadest and highest sense. Imagine a typical London lounge, the sophisticated palate of the city, enriched by the glory of the great empire, always discovering new lands, treasures of culture, nature and flavors. The reality of the business man and woman who are attentive to work, but do not give up to allow themselves a few moments of well-being, immersing themselves in a a moment between pure pleasure and deep culture, in which cocktails and mixology are a must, increasingly appreciated and known by many.

New York: we cross the borders of Europe and fly into the Big Apple. The city of glamour, endless skyline... dreams. True homeland of the most famous and fashionable cocktails, such as The Cosmopolitan and Manhattan, New York is the great metropolis that knows how to best represent the style and elegance that characterizes the urban man, open to know the world and to be part of it, immersing himself in the flavors of new worlds.

Tokyo: the metropolis of the East. The city that has been able to grasp Western trends and make them its own. The symbol of globalization and the positive effect that confrontation between opposing cultures can create. Emblem of growth and of a citizen who knows how to adapt to rapid change, without ever forgetting his precious traditions. A metropolis where the art of mixology has spread rapidly, going to use and mix typical ingredients of Japanese culture, such as sake or the Shochu.


Around the world in 4 cocktails.

Milanese White: The cocktail that fully represents the fashion taste of Milanese men and women. Patrick Pistolesi creates a unique recipe, which brings with it the ambition of a newly born icon, which celebrates the milanese tradition in unison with the constant avant-garde of the city in fervent movement between modernity internationality and deep Italian roots. Negroni Bianco, a classic drink revisited in color and flavor, aims at all this in an exclusive recipe.

The traditional Negroni is an aperitif with an important entrance to the palate.

Mature.This is a more harmonious and rounded version, able to look out to an international audience, without forgetting its origins, rather enhancing and reinterpreting them: exactly the charm and uniqueness of Milan.

  • Gin Tanqueray to give a dry tone, juniper and less important taste and invasive of the classic. Fully respecting the proportions of the usual recipe.
  • Bitter Bianco Luxardo: always in full Italian style with herbaceous and amaricati;
  • Cocchi Americano Bianco: a spicy white Vermouth, deep and round;
The Dandy: The cocktail designed to best express the concept of "timeless", just the Cosmopolitan Londoner. Imagining the good living rooms, the sophisticated palates of the City, glorified by the glories of the great empire that has pushed the discovery of new lands today world treasures for culture, nature and flavors.

Hence a base of a timeless classic made spicy and vibrant by distinctive details.

  • Gin Tanqueray
  • Ginger Briottet liqueur, an ingredient that has become a common element of English cuisine, has oriental origins and gives it bubbly;
  • Honey Monin syrup;
  • Organic citric acid.

Here is a unique exotic gin sour, which from the end of the ‘800 comes to today unchanged but aware of the changing time that not only resists, but that rides conquering cocktail lists and palates all over the world.

The color is very light, slightly Amber thanks to honey syrup.

 The Big Apple: the contemporary inhabitant or lover of New York, will enjoy identifying with this cocktail mixed in an experimental and daring way.

A truly elegantly brave recipe by Patrick Pistolesi:

The Big Apple. This is where the art of mixology is rooted. So much so that the cocktail bar is often and more precisely called 'American Bar'.

Big Apple is the name of the cocktail that celebrates the iconic city of contemporary, just by inserting in the recipe a green apple liqueur, the strong component of an exquisitely contemporary mixology. its fruit base that recalls the healthy world.

Patrick has expertly so mixed:

  • Bourbon Bulleit, spirit icon of the city itself
  • Ronner green apple liqueur, which goes well with the caramelous and deep notes of Bulleit
  • Citric acid, Meliso acid and 1 liter of water, a natural chemical extract of citricity of totally organic derivation.

The drink has a very fresh soul: like being on a Manhattan rooftop on a sultry evening enjoying a regenerating wind.  

Sensei: The master, a figure that in Japan like and more than in any other country in the world, has an intense, broad, deep meaning. He himself is the center and depositary of the ancient Japanese culture and tradition that intact has crossed the centuries. And only through the rigor and research of a master, that a path of centuries becomes strength in extreme experimentation.

Because you can embark on the long journeys without getting lost, only holding your roots and the route of return home firmly.

We come to the ingredients:

  • Whiskey Tottori: an elegant, round and fragrant blended as in the best Japanese distilling tradition
  • Yuzu liqueur, the typical Japanese citrus;
  • Lychee syrup: an exotic fruit highly appreciated in Japan;
  • Citric acid, to balance the whole thing.

Technically perfect Cocktail, distinguished by a soft yellow color.


Design and elegance with 4 exclusive tumblers and 4 iconic prints.

NIO Cocktails and GQ have also designed for you 4 different exclusive tumblers, which you will find inside the box and will be perfect to taste the 4 cocktails. These are also inspired by the cities protagonists of the collaboration and each of them contains a unique design that represents a detail of each city

For Milan a sought-after, beautiful tumbler that does not go unnoticed. Recognizable by the eyes more attentive to details, magnetic for fashion victims, accomplice of the most refined outfits and moments.

For London we created the tumbler par excellence, with decorative motifs typical of the great cocktail bars of the late ' 800 and early ‘900 founding the world of mixology. Irresistible to keep between your fingers, unmissable to have at home, such as a beige trench coat or a blue blazer in your wardrobe.

For New York: the face has strong geometric, rectangular patterns that recall the skyline of those who taught the world the design of the skies through the vertical construction of skyscrapers.

For Tokyo a tumbler broken into two moments, a dynamic object. It starts as the most classic of the tasting glasses of a cocktail, smooth in the walls, in full respect of the rules, of the traditions... and that in the second beat unexpectedly wraps itself becoming sculpture, recognizable risk from the origins from which it takes its cue and charm.



The design is not missing even in the packaging, a real collector's piece for your personal cocktail bar, beautiful to display at home even once the cocktails are finished.

Inside the box you will also find 4 iconic prints made by Art director Paolo Prossen and printed on exclusive Fedrigoni paper. These real little masterpieces in full Italian mastery, will accompany you to immerse yourself even more in the atmospheres of our 4 metropolises and can become an enviable piece of furniture for your city home.

And to complete the experience as a true cocktail taster, you will also have an ice mold, designed by NIO Cocktails to produce drinks identical to those you can find in the best cocktail bars in the world... even better!

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