We are committed to reducing our environmental impact

FSC paper 

 All our packaging, are strictly produced in paper from forests grown responsibly.

Plastic 45% organic 

 Thanks to constant research we created a package with a 45% plastic part of plant origin.


 Our packaging is entirely recyclable, thanks to the combination of the use of FSC certified paper and plastic to 45% of plant origin.

Carbon Neutral 

Every CO2 emission linked to our production activity is monitored and balanced with concrete projects for our planet.


The FSC certificate (acronym for Forest Stewardship Council) indicates that the wood comes from a forest properly managed according to strict social and economic standards: it is an international third party certificate, specifically created for the forestry sector and for products derived from forests. We prefer not to use recycled paper because it has a lower percentage of recyclability (about 30%) than the FSC certified (about 70%).


We know we are not perfect, but every day we do everything possible to make you taste the best cocktails while keeping the utmost attention to the environment. We chose not to use glass because, at the production stage, requires the use of large amounts of energy and a scarce and valuable resource such as water and because its weight and volume results in the emission of a lot of carbon dioxide during transport. We have invested a lot in research and development to obtain a type of plastic able to preserve over time the organoleptic characteristics of our cocktails; today we are proud to have found a plastic mixture that is not only 45% of vegetable origin, but it’s also fully recyclable.


Our design packaging is today entirely recyclable: it is enough to follow the local regulations of differentiated waste disposal. This is possible thanks to the combined use of FSC certified paper and 45% plastic of plant origin. We strive to give our customers the opportunity to impact as little as possible on our planet, trusting in the responsibility we all have in its conservation - from the time of producing an asset to its domestic disposal.


Every production and ancillary activity creates every day CO2 emissions: from the production plant to the logistics of raw materials, ending with the shipment to the final customer. Often, however, we ignore that even small daily actions such as a video call or sending an email emit Co2 in the environment. Thanks to the collaboration with U2Y, a company specialized in Carbon Neutral certification, NIO Cocktails today compensates for any corporate CO2 emissions (constantly calculated and monitored) thanks to the commitment in some specific compensation projects.